DORIC Plissé

Inspired by the classic columns Amanda Betz has created 5 paper artworks. The pleated columns reflect architectural elements and plays with the idea of creating a fragile construction which associates to a solid mass. This span in understanding creates a curiosity of how we understand things. The artworks graduate light and shadow within the room they inhabit. Hereby they are always changing character dependent on viewpoint and the light of the day. When working with origami it is not possible to jump in the process. This focus and calmness Amanda believes is transcended to the viewer of the artwork.

DAWN Exhibition 2019

DAWN is the DAWN is the beginning of a new day –representing new creation, act of transformation and a fresh way of thinking. Within the traditions of Scandinavian design and a contemporary internationally approach DAWN exhibition is carefully curated, creating a platform that shows the diversity of design, talents and trends.