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Amanda Betz graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2005 and was awarded the acclaimed VOLAprize for her final project. Her pendant Shayk has been displayed in the MoMA store in New York and was on the cover of the MoMA Catalogue in April 2015. She has received several grants from the Danish Art Council, worked with brands as MENU, Artecnica, Le Klint, ELVO & Pandora.

Amanda Taarup Betz’s creative process typically begins with paper that she folds, cuts and prints and with classic pencil sketches. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of paper, to achieve new experimental shapes. These early stages are often reflected in products that maintain some of the delicate expression of the initial paper drafts. The inspiration for her products often springs from the visual effects of patterns, light and shadow combined with studies of architecture and design history.’ 

Amanda Betz can engage in a wide range of projects where paper has a role to play. She is creating unique art works and using paper to develop product design. Please contact for further information on the potential of paper co-laboration or interest in paper artworks.