Shayk 1 for Artecnica

SHAYK is a pendant Lamp inspired by the intricate dome pattern in the Mosque 'Sheikh Lotfollah' in Isfahan, Iran. The construction is based on the geometry in the dome consisting of logarithmic spirals and interweaved with a lock to maintain the shape. The play with light and shadow creates an even larger dome within the room.

Shayk 2 for Artecnica

SHAYK2X is a development of SHAYK and comes flatpacked. The user can choose between two shapes. It is an intricate package design for a bulb.

Cassiopeia for Le Klint

Cassiopeia is a pendant constructed with a unique folding pattern of octagons in the central surface of the lamp. The shade is hand folded at Le Klint in one piece. The design is developed from an idea of creating a spacial pleat. The straight surface and the perforations hereby has an architectural feel.

 Folded Vase for MENU

Folded vase is imitating the art of origami in porcelain. It has the sharp yet fragile feel of paper and the folds embrace the flowers softly within the shape.

Product Design for ELVO

Product design for ELVO. Designing a series of boxes for home and offices as a part of a new brand strategy.

Design for Bakkehuset

A collection of graphic design objects designed specifically for the Museum Shop in Bakkehuset. All objects are a translation of Kamma Rahbeks´ work and her handmade boxes from the 18th century which are still very vibrant. 

Stretch Lamp for Wattalamp

Stretch was invented by pushing the potential of wooden veneer. The construction is locked with a brass fitting which stretches and holds together the shape.

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